Construction and installation work

Construction and installation work is a work performed during the construction of buildings. It is carried out directly in the construction zone. Responsibilities of quality control and the timing of construction and installation work are assigned to the general contractor. Considering this, the approach to the question of selecting a general contractor for the construction and installation work is extremely responsibly.

Complex supply of building materials

Complex supply of building materials is a complete supply of all the necessary materials during the construction and repair and its delivery. Our partners will provide a comprehensive supply and will organize the safe delivery with loyal price in the shortest possible time.

Interior design

First of all, interior design is an art to bring comfort to your life. Interior design that is made by our creative team will provide your apartment with comfort, fill every centimeter with aesthetic beauty and create a harmonious and functional space in your apartment.

Exterior design

Exterior design gives originality and charm to the appearance of your house. Creating the exterior design is important process which requires a special approach; special artistic vision of customer’s needs and implementing them in life. Everyone knows the rule of the first impression; we will help you to create a stylish impression, because comfort of your home begins with the appearance of your house!


Architecture is an art to create eternal. It is the skill to design and build structures that are necessary for people’s comfortable life. Architecture forms the sphere of spiritual culture, the aesthetic environment of man, expresses the ideas embodying them into images. Architecture connects the technical, functional and aesthetic beginnings and creates new, unique and different to any other building.


Drafting is the development of sketches of buildings and premises. Making the design is necessary to analyze the smallest details of an object. Designing your room our team will take care of functionality, technical aspects and will also create a modern compositional solution of the object.

Landscape design

Landscaping is a skill that allows creating harmony combined with the beauty, the skill which gives special coziness to your garden. Landscape design starts from drafting, by means of which will be determined the properties of the soil, the relief, the external environment, which will help to create the style of future plantings. Landscape design is a responsible, time-consuming and laborious work which can be entrusted only to a real master.

Project documentation

Project documentation is a document that contains graphics and text information, architectural, technological materials to perform the construction. Project documentation should be prepared correctly, in compliance with all standards; this is one of the basic principles of robust construction or restoration.

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