Project documentation

Before you build the house of your dream, you must create a project, which requires project documentation.

Architectural studio is always ready to help you to create and approve the project documentation.
Project documentation carries the complete information on the design, engineering and architectural details of the building. This is the basic document for the architect and foreman, containing text and graphics (in the form of drawings) information that is used during construction.
If it is necessary, the customer can get the project documentation at any stage of development, in full or partial set. For example, this can be PD (preliminary design) with information about the architectural decisions for erected building (sections, elevations, plans, economic and technical indicators) without structural and engineering calculations.

Project documentation has the next steps:
– Explanatory Note (EN);
– Scheme of planning organization of land (SPL);
– Architectural solutions (AS);
– Constructive and space-planning solutions (CS);
– Information on the technical equipment, the list of engineering activities, network engineering and technical support, maintenance of technological solutions (IEN).

This phase involves the following:
a) power supply system (IEN1);
b) the water supply system (IEN2);
c) drainage system (IEN3);
d) air conditioning and ventilation, heating and heat networks (IEN4);
d) communications network (IEN5);
e) gas supply system (IEN6);
g) technological solutions (IEN7).

– POC (project of construction);
– PDC, PDD (project of dismantling or demolition of capital construction, if there is a need for dismantling or demolition);
– MPE (measures for the protection of the environment);
– LF (list of activities for fire safety);
– LMD (the list of measures to ensure access for disabled);
– RSO (requirements for the safe operation of capital construction);
– ES (estimates for the construction of capital construction object);

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